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August 20, 2013
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WL: ChuaThompson by PurpleRaven89 WL: ChuaThompson by PurpleRaven89
Alright! Chua is all set and now....! I just hope i get in! TT W TT;
Lovely app belongs too :iconwasted-lands: ~maxinejunior1997

:bulletred::bulletblack:Basic Info:bulletblack::bulletred:

Name: Chua Thompson
Age: 21
DoB: May 1 2071
Height: HF: 5'10" DF: 11' (Shoulder down)
Weight: HF: 165lbs DF: 765 Lbs
Species: Dragon
Chua can use fire to his liking. He can free form it into his hands to breathing fire from his mouth. Even eating it if needed.

Dragon Form
Chua has the ability to turn into his Dragon state at will. But it sometimes is a bother for he always ribs his clothes.

Dragon Blood
To help heal others. If its illness, Battle wounds, To a paper cut. But only if the Dragon wishes to help.

Job: Coffeehouse

Weapon of choice: (NOT A SOLDIER!)

Dorkable | Kind | Loyal | Stubborn | Straight to the point | Protective | Care free| <- (Yeah, on his days off!)
Chua is a kind soul that loves both Human and Unknown alike. He's more about love then fighting til he's dragged into it be someone he knows. Despite being a Dragon, He feels more comfy in his human form then anything when walking around the city or anywhere. Because of where he was as a child, He sometimes comes out as shy guy but when you get a few chats in with him. You just made a friend for life! He also doesn't come a crossed as a Coffee loving guy But he is. If you Come into his Coffeehouse, Take a few bites of his sweet cakes or sip his well blended coffee and you like it, He's off in his little world, talking non stop about all the different kinds of flavors and types. In other words, He's just a normal dragon that has a liking to coffee then the average human can't handle!

Chua was born in the world of hate and bloodshed. Only remembering his mother and no father. He traveled a lot trying to find a place to call home. One day He was wondering around a city trying to entertain himself. But because of his dragon traits standing out on his body. He was picked on and bullied by the local kids of the area. Telling him that he was hated and nothing but pure evil. Running back to his mother, A group of Humans with a hatred for Unknown came and attacking them. Soon after losing his mother to the gang of unforgiving Humans. He would have hated the beings that walked like bugs if it was not for a human family saving him from his gray and cruel world. Raising him as their own. Chua was now the second son in the family. Having both a Mom and a Dad, A older brother and a younger sister. The young Dragon was now finding his love again. As times passes, He was told of a place that was where both Human and Unknown can live together in peace and don't fight. With This, Chua hoped that his nightmare would be over. The family made it's was to the United City to live happily.
At first he was a little scared of other humans beside his loving family that he knew. Afraid of being bullied or even killed. But when they came to a shop on his first day at the new city in the winter, He was hanged a warm drink, His hands where toasty and warm. One sip later, he cried for the first time since he was born. He cried for his mother, His new family and cried for that he was finally at a place that would love him for him and not as a labeled creature.

Coffee, Homemade sweets, Humans, Unknown, Kids, Walking randomly, Quiet mornings, Dancing (Clumsy)

Fights, Being told they don't like his coffee, (Or any coffee for that matter), Scary stories, hot days, Being cold, cats, bugs (Yeah, a dragon is scared of bugs)



Single and TBA ; u ;

::Chua's Fun-facts about him::

:bulletred: He Loves handing out freebie sweets to kids that walk into his store.
:bulletyellow: Even though he's a dragon, A very large creature that can scare others. He still get's scared of the littlest things like, spooky shadows on the wall to seeing a bug and almost fainting.
:bulletorange: On his free time, He loves going out and randomly walking around the city. Sometimes getting lost is his favorite because it's fun for him to try and find his way back home.
:bulletgreen: Because of the love for his mother, He now has a tattoo on his upper left shoulder to help keep her memory alive.
:bulletblue: From being lost, hated and bullied as a child, He Trys to help out any lost soul , Human or Unknown, Child or adult to fine something to look forward to the future instead of looking down at the empty ground.
:bulletpurple: His love for coffee came from his first day in the United. One sip and he was a fish on a hook.

Chua Thompson *PurpleRaven89
#Wasted-Lands ~maxinejunior1997
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M-Shisaru Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Aw~ What a cutie~
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Another dragon character, it's lovely! I like him uwu

let's roleplayyyy //rolls away in the mist
PurpleRaven89 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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I saw yours and I love her!!!!!

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